For the production of your products we employ a variety of precision- and high-performance machinery.

To be able to offer our customers the best quality and efficiency, we invest continuously in our machine park.

Our team of engineers and experts is the guarantee for precision and quality. In combination innovative, high-quality products are developed, with maximum benefit for our and your customers.

CNC machining

One of our core competences is the efficient turning and milling of complex workpieces. For our customers we produce both prototypes as well as workpieces in small- and medium volume series from all machinable materials. In doing so we employ the latest 7-axis turning-milling centers as well as 5-axis milling centers with palette changers.

CNC precision sheet metalworking

Thanks to our extensive machine park in the area of precision sheet metalworking, we are able to stamp, deburr, bend and rivet in one work operation. Thereby it makes no difference whether it has to do with stainless steels, soft iron, brass, copper, etc.

Due to our extraordinarily high precision production, rework is avoided. All parts are immediately ready for assembly. This is a great cost benefit, especially in the manufacture of smaller batch sizes.

Joining technology

Bonding: We bond components when sophisticated design- and visible surfaces are required. Fastening elements are also avoided. As a result we guarantee you a flawless surface.

Welding: Rework can be minimized through the use of our welding robot, since the distortion is very little. Consequently we can produce welded parts for you, quickly and efficiently.

Grinding: To smoothen joints we grind the welded seams. This is necessary in order to achieve the visual appearance specified by you. Thereby the stability of the welded seam is retained.


Powder coating: With the powder coating we offer you an environmentally friendly surface treatment that is free of emissions and solvents. Thanks to the stoving the powder coating is extremely stable and resistant to environmental influences.

Wet painting: By means of wet painting, all surfaces can be designed quickly, individually and in high quality. As a result we can offer our customers an efficient and inexpensive surface treatment.

Electroplating: With our partners we offer electroplating. Thereby coating thicknesses of copper, nickel, zinc or noble metals such as gold and silver are applied. As a result you obtain a reliable corrosion protection of your surface.

Labeling: In order to complete the design of your products, we offer the labeling of your product surfaces. To do this we employ laser inscription to complete your product.

Screen printing: Our screen printing plant prints in a great variety of formats and forms. For this diverse printing inks are used.


Following manufacture and the installation of all modules, our assembly specialists assemble your systems. Thereby we work strictly according to the assembly instructions and ensure the greatest quality of workmanship.

All parts are subjected to an in-depth quality inspection. At the end your system goes through detailed acceptance tests.