Certifications and Tests

HEFTER Maschinenbau offers a variety of certifications and tests for your products. These are carried out partly in-house, as well as with reliable, external partners.

Service life test / endurance test

In order to ensure a constant quality of your products and fulfill your required specifications, functional components and assemblies go through continuous testing. Thereby the main focus is especially on the service life and functionality. Likewise, weak points should be pointed out, in order to assess these and define them as possible wearing parts.

We conduct these tests during the development- and volume production phase, after consulting with you. These results flow into a continual optimization of your product with regard to extended service life and economic efficiency.

EMC Test

Together with our partners we offer an EMC consultation, that can accompany the complete product development process. In that case an EMC strategy is implemented at the start of the project, with the aim of formulating limit values for the interference immunity and emitted interference.

The EMC service of our partners ranges from the simple EMC measurement of modules to the EMC examination and test of complete installations and machines. In addition tests according to the international FCC standards are also possible.

CE Test

For bringing into circulation in the European Economic Area, the CE declaration of conformity and the CE-marking are absolutely necessary today. For this the product must undergo a risk analysis and satisfy the relevant European standards, such as e.g. EMC Directive or Low Voltage Directive.

Our partners test your product in this regard and issue you with the documents necessary for CE certification.

UL and QPS certification

For bringing into circulation in the USA and Canada, all electrically controlled systems and machines must be approved by means of UL- and QPS certifications. Thereby the conformity with the applicable national safety regulations must be proven.